The Education Session: A Texas Tribune Panel

The Texas Tribune- a nonprofit, nonpartisan media organization- recently hosted a day of panels featuring state lawmakers looking towards the upcoming legislative session. One in particular, entitled “The Education Session,” featured Commissioner of Education Mike Morath, as well as two members of the Texas Commission on Public School Finance, Dan Huberty (R-Houston) and Diego Bernal (D-San Antonio). We wanted to make sure you had the chance to view this important conversation, so we’ve republished it here- with much gratitude to the Tribune.

The Education Session

  • State Rep. Diego Bernal, D-San Antonio
  • State Rep. Dan Huberty, R-Houston
  • Mike Morath, Texas education commissioner
  • Moderated by Aliyya Swaby, public education reporter for The Texas Tribune

The event featured many other panels that are all worth watching. You can check them out here:

VideoJoshua Kumler