Early Literacy in Texas

Third grade reading is perhaps the most critical benchmark in a child’s academic career. That’s because it marks the moment in which “learning to read,” becomes “reading to learn.” Without that ability, a student’s success rate precipitously falls across all subjects. Failing to read by third grade makes a student four times more likely to drop out before graduating from high school.

Today, only four out of ten Texas students can read on grade level by third grade. Low-income, English language learners and students of color struggle even more. It’s inexcusable. It’s also changeable. And this legislative session could be the key.

Below is a map of early literacy rates across the state of Texas, broken out by Texas State House and Senate districts. Use the tool to see student success rates in your community, and sign up here to be connected with your elected officials. Early learning is critical. So is your voice.

Sources and Methodology: This map was created based on 2017-18 STAAR 3rd grade reading scores at the Meets Grade Level standard for all students in all languages. Click here for raw data, from the Texas Education Agency.

For cleaned raw data or additional methodology questions, please email Marie Appel at marie.appel@commitpartnership.org.

Joshua Kumler