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Part One - Our Bucket’s Got a Hole In It

Property taxes are going up across the state of Texas, but that money isn't making it into our kids' classrooms. Why is that? And what can we do about it?

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Part Two - How We Got Here

In these divided times, one fact has brought together Texas Republicans, Democrats, teachers, administrators, and even state Supreme Court Justices: The way in which we fund public schools in the state is broken. Ever wonder how it got that way?

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Part Three - What We Do Now

Texas' political leadership has signaled that "school finance reform" will be the top priority of this year's legislative session. But what does that really mean? The Texas Commission on Public School Finance has provided a roadmap for effective legislation in their recently published final report. So we sat down with five of the thirteen members to discuss the recommendations, and what comes next for Texas.

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