Why Now

Commission members are working to develop a comprehensive set of recommendations for the Legislature to consider in 2019.

The Texas Supreme Court agrees the way the state funds education is broken. As a result, lawmakers used the 2017 legislative session to create a year-long Public School Finance Commission aimed at improving the current system. Members include lawmakers, local leaders and school district officials.

To date, this commission has heard over 100 hours of testimony from leaders representing families, teachers, school districts, businesses and cities.

Now is the time to have a voice about how your tax dollars fund Public Schools.



Let’s Change the Equation


Stay up-to-date with everything you need to know about the 2019 education legislation in Austin.

When the time comes to call your representatives, we will give you simple action items and instructions on what to do. Together we can change the TX public school finance equation in 2019 and let our local school district keep more of the money they are generation.

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